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Business Discounts

Qualify for special offers from Sprint when you shop with your company name and federal tax ID.

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Employees from thousands of organizations enjoy discounts on Sprint phones and services.

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Mobile Broadband Service Plans

Select a device or Mobile Broadband Card to see the plans available to you.

Handset Data Packs

Access the Internet or connect to your corporate data directly from your handset or smart device (separate voice plan required).
To view and select from a full list of services, first choose avoice plan, then select a Power VisionSM phone. And don't forget to add music and televisionfunctionalityby selecting a Power Vision Data Pack, found on the Services page.

Sprint Mobile Broadband Card plans

Slide a Mobile Broadband Card into your laptop and access the web or your corporate data.
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Phone as modem (PAM) plans

Tether your phone to a laptop via a cable, or Bluetooth access, then use your laptop to access corporate data or the Internet
To select a phone as modem plan, first choose a voice plan, then select a Power VisionSM phone. Then choose to add a Phone as Modem option, found on the Services page.
Flexible Data Plan
  • $39.99 per month
  • Includes 40MB
  • $.001/kb overage to $69.99/mo maximum
Unlimited Data Plan
  • $49.99 per month
  • No overage charges

Wireless WAN

Use a Wireless WAN modem (such as the AirLink Raven) to access your corporate information via a private connection.
  • WWAN Equipment $650
  • Managed plans include Datalink (secure, private connection to your corporate data
  • Primary Plans from 5M to Unlimited ($50 $150/mo); Back-up plans $19/mo+ usage
  • Installation fees $150

Wireless Router (Mobile Broadband Hotspot)

Slide a connection card into a Mobile Broadband Router and broadcast a Wi-Fi signal for 3-5 users to access the Internet or corporate data.
  • $39.99 Flexible Data Plan (40 megabytes (MB) of usage; $.001/kb overage; after $99.99 usage is free/unlimited.)
  • $59.99/mo. Unlimited Data Plan. No voice plan required.
  • Mobile Broadband Router $200-600